The 1966 Batmobile Replica

To celebrate and mark their 30th year in business, the team at Argyll Restorations decided to create something special, something instantly recognisable and unique to Western Australia - a faithful replica of the original 1966 TV Batmobile.


The original 1966 Batmobile is arguably the most famous car in the world. Having sold for $4.2 million US dollars in 2013, it set a new record for being the most expensive television and movie car sold at auction.


While the original car resides in a private North American collection, West Australians are now able to enjoy a screen accurate replica right here on the streets of Perth as seen on Today Tonight, Perth Now, The West Australian and Street Machine Magazine. 


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Perth Christmas Pageant 2018


Perth Christmas Pageant Promo on Today Tonight 2018


Pictures from the Bat Cave and Gotham City 

Highlights from the October Street Machine Article 2018


Highlights from the Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular 2018


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The Perth Batmobile on Seven's Today Tonight


Highlights from the Bat Launch Kings Square


Front page on the West Australian


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Applying the lipstick

The Batmobile receives the second coat of primer

The Batmobile receives the first coat of primer

A full coat of primer is the first step before painting the Batmobile. It reveals any imperfections in the body work that requires special attention. Once the primer dries, it's carefully rubbed back before a second and third coat is applied.


Grateful thanks to our friends at West Coast Automotive Supplies  who have generously supplied the world class Debeer Refinish paint and materials required to achieve a finish fitting for the Dark Knight himself.   



The Batmobile takes shape

After extensive bodywork, the rebuilt and original Lincoln 400 Cleveland V8 engine returns. Custom made glass is test fitted and a light coat of grey primer is applied to check the Batmobile's lines are straight.  The original 400 Cleveland M engine is cleaned, repainted and with the help from our friends at Kustom Chrome, chrome plated.




The Batmobile's frame

After stripping the Lincoln, the next step was to construct a solid frame. Once complete, some preliminary body work was carried out and the body was able to be secured to the chassis.

The Batmobile build begins

Every custom build has a beginning, and this one starts in Queensland with the purchase of a beautiful 1979 Lincoln continental. The reluctant seller was very fond of the car he once drove to his school ball. Fortunately, he had no idea what would become of it shortly after arriving in Perth...